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We have built our practice with the desire to help people find real solutions to their problems, by providing services that are truly needed and by avoiding unnecessary, costly or impractical approaches. In order to accomplish these ideals, we listen by getting to know you well enough to customize our services precisely to your needs.

We listen

You deserve to be heard and respected and through our holistic approach we help you fulfill your needs and achieve your desires. This obligation requires us to have an open mind and complete information.

We advise

No single solution works for everyone. So, after we've heard you, we offer multiple solutions to your unique situation. Our years of experience with situations similar to yours provides the foundation to achieve both flexibility and complete solutions.

We fulfill

Protecting your family and its future is our primary objective. With your help, we will develop a plan which will be achievable and rewarding. You will feel comfortable returning to us for ongoing support and your future needs.

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Wills and Trusts

As death is inevitable, having a WILL is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family to maintain peace, stability and security for all that you have worked for during your life.  A Will also provides information and instructions that lighten the burden of those managing your estate. However, Wills do not include other vital instructions and documents. For example, how will your digital presence and account information be handled upon death?  Wills should be supported by other basic estate documents.

Adding a TRUST is recommended for those who have a positive net worth, or a reasonable amount of assets with equity to protect. Trusts are a great addition to your estate plan to provide very specific instructions regarding the administration of your estate, to minimize estate taxes, and to protect your assets from lawsuits and creditors.

Debt Elimination Plan

The Debt Elimination Plan (“DEP”) provides a unique, systematic way of eliminating credit card and other debt in a relatively short period of time, freeing you from servitude to the life-long burden of high interest bearing debt. If you have come to the realization that you are increasingly unable to keep up with your monthly obligations as a result of heavy credit card or other consumer debt, DEP will provide the relief you need and get you quickly back on track with a plan that is not only affordable, but will save you thousands of dollars.

Legal  advice

In addition to years of practice in the areas of Estate Planning and Debt Settlement, Yeates Law has also helped many individuals with their personal, business and real estate matters. Therefore we can provide a wide range of legal advice and services to meet your needs.

Our Team

At Yeates Law Offices, we work closely with clients and collaboratively among our team members to achieve our clients’ goals. We believe that the success in delivering timely, cost-effective results to our clients is a team effort – one made possible only by the talent and dedication of our attorney, executives and our very competent staff.

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